Gungahlin Vet Hospital

Hospital Photos

Adoption Cats

Cat adoption centre in the waiting room

Scales / Noticeboard

Dog (and human!) scales in the waiting room - we have a remote display on the reception counter

Reception, sales, Consults 3 and 4

Looking from Reception to the sales area and doors to Consults 3 and 4

Sales area

The sales area - quality pet food, collars and leads, grooming aids, toys


Consulting Room 2

Consult 2 - all consulting rooms are equipped with full examination facilities and seats for owners

Consulting Room 3

Consult 3

Consult 4

Consult 4 with folding exam table, wall mounted vaccine fridge


Treatment / Recovery / ICU

The treatment room with a workstation on the right, intensive care/ recovery cages behind, and the cat ward (through window) to the left

Treatment / Operating Theatre

Treatment room looking into Opertaing Theatre 1

 Treatment Room station

Treatment room workstation 1

Laboratory equipment

Laboratory equipment for (left to right) blood gases, blood counts and biochemistry

New X ray machine

Digital  X ray machine

Reviewing radiographs

Specialist Dr Sarah Webb reviewing digital radiographs

Cat Ward

Cat ward cages - made from quiet but hygenic fiberglass and all are individually heated

Cat ward - cage heaters

Note switches for heating in cat ward cages

Dog Ward

The dog ward - stainless steel cages with rubber mats and "fluffies" - we don't use newspaper bedding


Prescription Diets

Prescription diet foods

Gas Supply

Piped anaesthetic and other gases

Vet's office and library

Vet's office


Part of the library in the vet's office