Gungahlin Vet Hospital

Pet First Aid Course

Please note: This service is not currently available, but please contact us to express interest.

Photo of a dog with a bandage on its paw.One of the hardest things about being a pet owner is knowing what to do when your pet is hurt or unwell. The problem is that in most cases we don’t know what to look for. 
To address this problem the Gungahlin Veterinary Hospital has developed a pet first aid course.

Through this course you will cover both basic first aid: lacerations, cat fight wounds etc, and more advanced first aid: CPR, management of seizures, severe bleeding and other major emergencies. You will also cover safe animal handling and transport.
There will be one session a week for three weeks, each session lasting approximately one and a half hours and it will be held at the hospital, in the reception area. Demonstration dogs, will be available for the duration of the course so your own pets will not be required.

The cost for the three nights is $120 (Subject to Change). A comprehensive first aid kit will be available and if you purchase at the time of the course the combined cost is $180 (Subject to Change). Kits are also available separately. If you would like to enrol, or would like further information, please contact Gungahlin Veterinary Hospital or come in to speak to our reception staff.