Gungahlin Vet Hospital


Gungahlin Veterinary Hospital is proud to be involved with PetPEP as an AVA PetPEP Veterinary Practice. PetPEP is an initiative of the Australian Veterinary Association Ltd (AVA) designed to educate children about the responsibilities and issues associated with pet ownership, and interacting with animals.

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With dramatic increases in urbanisation, veterinarians see first-hand increased incidents of animal mistreatment, dog attacks and irresponsible pet ownership. This program was developed to reduce such incidents by educating the next generation of pet owners, and to keep the public informed of developments in pet care.

AVA PetPEP has Education Officers throughout the country that can provide teachers with resources as well as co-ordinate vet visits and ‘pet expos‘. These events allow speakers from the animal care community to visit schools and inform children of the benefits of pets and the responsibilities associated with pet ownership. Guest speakers at typical ‘pet expo’ include your local veterinarian / veterinary nurse, council officer, dog obedience instructor or other relevant animal care industry professionals.

It is important, to the well being of both people and pets, that children begin to address these issues at a young age. Enhancing children’s understanding of animals and responsible pet care will achieve the aim of the AVA Pets and People Education Program: to decrease the incidents of pet abuse and aggressive animals by producing responsible pet owners for the future.